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by Joe Wright
FEBRUARY 1 - 3, 2012

Always dedicated to new and exiting drama, Minotaur Theatre Company is proud to present the winner of its first annual New Writing Competition, Coffee and Cropped Laurels by Joe Wright.


In 1742, Dr Jonathan Swift - the great man of satirical verse and political venom, the esteemed Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin - has lost his mind, locking himself away in the anteroom of his parlour. A Commission of Lunacy, backed by his greatest critics and enemies, has been appointed to investigate whether he should be declared of 'unsound mind' and locked away in Bedlam for his remaining days. His name, his legacy and his freedom are at stake.


For John Lyon, an orphaned boy from probincial Ireland, it is both an hour and a curse to judge the fate of a man regarded by many as the nation's greatest champion. Over a small coffee pot in the tiny deanery room, Swfit recounts the story of his life to Lyon - his time in Ireland, his career in London with Alexander Pope and the Queen's Court, his deanship in Dublin - as if he were a character in his most famous work, Gulliver's Travels. It seems that his insanity is absolute; but Swift's story, just like his works, has an unnerving way of challenging and changing what you know to be normal.


There may yet be evidence enough to save him from the humiliation of Bedlam. By Lyon, it seems, has an agenda of his own...


Jonathan Swift

the Dean - James Anderson

the Drapier - Eliot Ruocco-Trenouth

the Traveller - Jon Cobb

Dr John Lyon - Tom Moran

Martha Whiteway - Tina Baston

Stella - Naomi Richardson

Vanessa - Cicely Long

Rev. Francis Smedley - Elliot Hughes

Rebecca Dingley - Emily Holt

Alexander Pope - Edward Dyer

Dr John Arbuthnot Tom Eaton

John Gay/Patrick - Ali Dunk

Duchess of Somerset/Hetty - Amy Cornwell

Sir William Temple/Lord Oxford - Josh Allan

Lord Bolingbroke - George Ronayne



Anoushka Bonwick

Hannah Pearman

Joe Wright

Production Manager: Kelly Tweddell

Stage Manager: Sarah Francis

Set & Lighting Design: Shona O'Leary

Costume & Make-up: Sophie Wright

Script Editor: Nicholas Aldrich


Nicholad Aldrich

Jack Carmichael

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