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Minotaur Theatre Company strives to engage with its audience through a range of Media. We're actively working to reach further afield than the University and it's Drama Studio into the big, wide world. Not only can follow us on all major social media sites, but you can look behind the scenes through Radio Drama, and even watch some of our performances online.


Hosted by Livewire:1350, Minotaur Theatre Company uses Radio Drama as a platform for new Radio Plays as well as conducting interviews and behind the scenes talks with the cast and crew of upcoming productions. It's a good place to go if you want that little bit extra from Minotaur. 


Recently, during our annual Shorts Festival, we've begun to record and document the performances. It's a great way to look at some of the talented writers we have in our company as well as the actors who perform in these short, 20-minute pieces. Click the link, and watch some of the Shorts below. 


The University of East Anglia has many opportunities for collaboration within projects. One of them is UEA: TV. Run by the students, in association with the Student's Union, UEA: TV has come to Minotaur's aid more than once when filming trailers, or indeed, entire shows. Below are various projects that we've worked together on.

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