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  • Jasmine Savage

The Best Moments of Cabaret 2010

We asked five members of Minotaur Theatre Company what their highlights of ‘Night At The Musicals’ were!

Kat Buckle: “I loved ’Tyre Tracks’. Nice to see more dancing this year, like the tap in ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’. And ‘Song of Purple Summer’ – great new song that I’d never heard before.”

Rosalind Hewett: “Jamie’s note at the end of ‘Somebody To Love’ – actually amazing! I thought the big chorus numbers stole the show, and ‘There Is Nothing Like A Dame’!

Lauren Abel: “’Song of Purple Summer’ was beautiful! And ‘Money’!”

Claire Sanders: “I liked it all… ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Tyre Tracks’, ‘Somebody To Love’…”

Natalie Lester: “‘MAYBE THIS TIME’!! Also ‘Jackson’, ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’,and I loved the dance solo in ‘Nowadays’. Shaun’s dance and Ellie’s medley!”

What were your highlights? Leave a comment below!

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