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  • Jasmine Savage

Is ‘The Pillowman’ one of the best Minotaur shows ever?

You have one more chance to see ‘The Pillowman’, and avoid the unthinkable scenario of missing one of the best productions in Minotaur history!

Ant Cule’s production will leave you, as former Minotaur legend Ashley Booth said, “speechless”. Its set, its lighting, its cast… everything is outstanding.

The cast are absoloutley phenomenal. Lucy Brassell, Jack Swain, Ed Yelland and Jon Allen are each absoloutley outstanding as their characters. Brassell is riveting as “number one” detective Tupolsky, with a hard-as-nails edge and a biting wit that constantly undercuts her colleague. Swain too is fantastic, taking the audience on his emotional rollercoaster as an under-fire writer. Yelland’s ‘bad-cop’ Ariel is fascinating as the influence of his past becomes more and more apparent, and Allen gives an affecting and thoroughly realistic portrayal of Katurian’s mentally disabled brother. The four leads are nicely supported by the eight-strong ensemble; a brilliant concept introduced by the directorial team which enhances the storytelling aspects of the production.

The show effortlessly leaves its audience haunted and awe-struck. Cule and assistand director Paul Baston’s achievement is off the scale, and has wowed audiences for its first two nights and, thanks to word of mouth, is looking to attract a massive crowd at the final performance on Friday 23rd. Don’t miss out! It’s playing at 7:30pm at the UEA Studio – £3.50 students, £5 full price.

Have you seen the show? Leave your comments below!

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