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The Librarians: Week 3

Hello again, and welcome to the third Librarian’s Newsletter. Once more, thank you for all of your support, we couldn’t have got this far without you. I hope you’re enjoying these Newsletters, it’s great fun to write them and look back over everything we’ve achieved in the week.

"Please don't hit me again. I'll try harder!" whimpered Dicky Spine.

The first exciting piece of news is that the WeFund countdown is officially over. We’ve raised a massive £1,313 towards our production costs, including publicity, costumes and set. No more trying to make fake books, we can afford real ones now!

Second piece of really exciting news: we now have a script. After hours and hours of devising by the cast and the director, Lewis, we now have a full, 60-page script. We had a nightmare of a time trying to cut enough out from what we had; the cast are just too good at improvising. Obviously there will still be a few changes here and there as we move closer and closer to a finished product, but it’s nice to be able to hold something concrete. It’s time to get some of the smaller things sorted, like costume, props and all of the technical cues.

Speaking of costumes, costume designer Ciara has been working hard at getting everything ready for the Preview show next Friday. Here’s a quick peek at how she’s getting on… Featuring, Margot Murkintosh, Prunellope Pollock and Erlizabeth Satz:

To say a little something about music, the cast have now learnt the song, and are nicely progressing with the beats and rhythm. It makes a really nice start to the show.

Now that the Grim Reaper Puppet is nearing completion (with added Librarian glasses), we’ve moved onto the Book Monster. We were given a few sketches by the director of a large book-mouthed, whirlwind of pages, gonna-kill-you-quick monster. We've made heat progress on it in the last few days and if you haven’t already seen on Facebook, this is what the Monster currently looks like:

Throughout the time we’ve been rehearsing, I’ve been able to take a video or two. We don’t want to give too much away, but here is a very brief montage of what we’ve been doing:

Remember, if you can’t get to the show in Edinburgh, you’d be wrong to think you won’t get a chance to see the show. If you haven’t already seen, we’re holding a Preview Performance on the 26th July in the UEA Drama Studio, at 7.30pm. Check out the Facebook event.

Keep an eye on the twitter @MinotaurFringe for more pictures of the cast in costume as the show draws nearer. And if you’re coming to see the Preview show in Norwich, we’ll see you next Friday!

Until next week...

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