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The Librarians: The Final One

It’s here, the final Librarians Newsletter. The show is over, the set and puppets are packed away and the Librarians have said goodbye to the venue for a final time. Thanks for all of your support throughout the project; it could never have been as successful as it was without your continued enthusiasm towards Minotaur, The Librarians and everyone involved.

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Prunellope Pollock broke her frown into a long neglected smile. “Don’t you see? You’ve had a family all along.”

The show was received amazingly well, and was praised with four and five stars across the board. We think it’s a testament to Lewis Garvey’s vision, the cast’s creative improvisation and the crew’s dedicated work that meant The Librarians was accessible to all and, more importantly, enjoyed by all who saw it (that’s over 750 fringegoers). It was great to hear what people first say to their friends as the audience left, ‘That was one of the best things I’ve seen this year.’ It’s really hard to put into words how overwhelmed we all are by the experience and how much we’ve learnt from it.

There are a final few admin jobs for us to do before the project can finally come to and end, but it’s been an incredible journey. It’s taken up several months of our life, most of which were used trying to whittle the script down to something under that elusive 55 minutes we were aiming for. In the end though, it was all worthwhile. Here are a few snippits from the various reviews we’ve been given:


“The creepy characters are charmingly caricaturish familiars, and their tantalisingly verbose quips roll off one another deftly.”

The Skinny


“The whole crew are clearly having great fun performing their ridiculous story, and it’s hugely enjoyable to watch.”

A Younger Theatre


“…the whole production could be considered nothing short of extremely impressive.”

Ed Fringe Review

There isn’t much left to say now, except to confirm that we are officially an ‘Endinburgh Sell-Out Show 2013’. Not many other shows can claim that!

Oh, and one final note… even though this project is over, we’re not saying goodbye to our beloved Librarians. We hope they’ll return to the stage some day in the future; we received very positive feedback from the National Student Drama Festival and hope we will be chosen as part of a prestigious 12-show line-up in April next year.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these Newsletters (they’ve been great fun to write) and I hope you feel as proud as we do with what we created.

Wish us luck for the future!

The Librarians Cast and Crew

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