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A Goodbye from the Committee 2013-2014

Now that the academic year is over and the new committee are settling in while the previous committee had The Snow Queen taken off their hands and got to enjoy a stress free Julians! We thought it was about time you heard some of their comments on the previous year!

Josie Dale-Jones - President

"Thank you all for letting me be part of the committee this year! It’s been great. Let’s keep it going onwards and upwards!! G’Luck all!"

Milly Rolle - Vice President

"Being part of a team that enabled Minotaur to develop and grow into a more active company was a seriously rewarding experience. I am proud of what everyone has achieved and I look forward to the next year of success. G’Luck everyone!"

Stephanie Pennells - Communications

"I will miss the emails, interesting facts and twitter account! We had a great year, and best of luck to the new committee!"

Gemma Barnett - Publicity Admin

"Working as publicity administrator for Minotaur has been a wonderfully stressful and rewarding experience. A big thanks to the rest of the committee, company and everyone who has helped to make and sell some great shows this year. May the hard and creative work continue. I should probably now work on my degree. Adieu."

Samuel Masters - Publicity Artist

"I done art, people saw shows. Job done. In the words of Hugh Grant 'I've got four houses on my street. I live in two and the others are empty… I think it would be great to have the entire street'.”

Lucy Adams - Treasurer

"I will miss having the control freak part of my nature fulfilled by looking after Minotaur finances haha"

Holly White - Technical Officer

"Being tech officer for Minotaur has been dazzling, providing me with many bright moments and memories that are sure not to fade.

"3 puns in one sentence ooohhhh"

Adam Whitehead - Technical Officer

"There aren’t many sound puns so I’ll just go with this…

"Being part of the Minotaur committee has been music to my ears and the song of Minotaur Theatre will be stuck in my head for many years to come *cringe*"

Zoë Seiffert - Photography

"It’s been fun exposing the plays through photos. Now it’s time to focus on the future… good luck to the new committee in developing Minotaur’s future!"

Joe Jones - Social Secretary

"We had joy, we had fun, we had socials in the sun."

The Committee 2013-2014 did an absolutely fantastic job, so thank you so much! We hope to continue their hard work over the next year and build on Minotaur’s successes! Thank you to everyone who voted us in. Roll on the next year!!!

The Committee 2014-2015

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