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The Psychosocial Gathering: Week 6

The Psychosocial Gathering is in full swing, and we’ve performed before friends, family, reviewers and anyone in Scotland with a spare 55 minutes. We think it’s about time for a quick message, or the sixth Psychosocial Newsletter, to explain all…

The Psychosocial Gathering, Edfringe 2014!

Our first major challenge was transporting not only ourselves, but also the set, to Edinburgh. Even though we hit a few snags, we managed to have everything prepared and sorted for the first performance. We had to have a quick rethink and found a few sofa in Edinburgh, as well as creating another back curtain for the stage. We’re so proud of what we managed to achieve in only a few days, and we hope that you will be too.

We’ve been performing in Edinburgh for a while now, and we’ve started getting our first reviews! Here’s a quick except from our most recent:

"The Psychosocial Gathering is a representation of the inner workings of the mind. Thankfully, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. … The characters are not complex, but that, of course, is the point; they are a single aspect of the overall character of Dan. Their simplicity sets up hilarious conflicts between them; Ego and Super-Ego desperately try to keep the others in check, but often fail spectacularly. Meanwhile Wisdom and Narrator, whilst not contributing much to the plot, provide amusingly pointless interjections throughout, delivered in brilliantly straight-faced style, and the romance between Id and Libido is superbly performed.”

To read more, please click here.

The website has also been updated to show off these two 4-star reviews. Keep an eye on the website or our social media pages, any new reviews will appear on there. Our Production Manager is busy sending Press Packs, emails and frequent phone calls to the major reviewers in the hopes of getting them interested in our show!

Click below to see our fourth, and penultimate, rehearsal video by Martha Geelan:

Although we’ll talk in more detail about it next week, we’d like to say another huge thank you to all of our sponsors, who’ve made this show possible. Without their generous donations, we would never have been able to buy costumes, create the set and buy all of the fliers and posters that ensure we’re seen in the chaotic world of the Fringe. Until next time, and the final Psychosocial Newsletter…

The Cast and Crew of The Psychosocial Gathering

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