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Stop The Spread - Ebola Crisis Appeal

The World Heath Organisation has reported around 22,000 cases of Ebola and more than 8,800 deaths in the last few months. This is the largest known outbreak of Ebola. Oxfam are one of the leading charities assisting affected communities to encourage prevention and treatment. Members of Minotaur Theatre Company are assisting with a series of shorts, aiming to raise money for this devastating crisis.

February 27 - 28, 2015. 8pm. UEA Drama Studio. £7/£5 concessions.

Mariama Ives-Moiba, organiser of the whole event, is studying for an MA in Scriptwriting at UEA, and enlisted the help of all her fellow coursemates. They all wrote a 10-minute short, to be auditioned and performed by students across UEA.

The money raised over these two nights will help buy protective suits, hygiene kits and face masks all of which are central to stopping the spread of Ebola. She would like to give a special thanks to Scott Brown and Edward Dyer for their consistent support throughout this project and to all of the scriptwriters, directors, actors, stage managers and light and sound technicians, for their willing contribution and hard work that made this event possible.

If you would like to make a further donation or find out more about the Ebola virus please visit:

Help Stop the Spread

Production Management: Edward Dyer Stage Management

Ariella Stoian

Daisy Minto

Lighting: Emily Dyer


Writer: Tom Lashley

Director: Mark Kazakos


Nick Gampeirakis

Sonali Gupta

Two police officers get called out to a routine burglary, but quickly discover that something more sinister is occurring, told from the point of view of the police dispatcher.

Growing Pains

Writer: Edward Dyer

Director: Calhan Mundy

Tess - Hannah John Ensemble

The night after her final GCSE exam, Tess was admitted to hospital. She was told she had cancer and was taken straight to the teenage cancer ward. This is her story.

Three Bridesmaids, a Snickers and a Bath Tub

Writer: Mariama Ives-Moiba

Director: Ariella Stoian

Nicole - Molly McKernan

Shanice - Rebecca Porrit

Three unhinged bridesmaids are stuck inside a bathroom of a petrol station, they’ve lost their bride.

Complimentary Breakfast

Writer: Jade Tremblay

Director: Linus Wyeth

Production Manager: Claire Daniels

Linda - Buffy Iannucci

Nicholas - Chad Porter

An elderly couple en route to the airport after an exhausting holiday in Florida become the sole witnesses to a mysterious explosion.


Writer: Dom Croucher

Director: Jonathan Hendry

Production Manager: Margot Terrini

Ewan - Chris Ball

Jimmy - Scott Younger

Steve - Sean Harbottle

What’s the worst that could happen? Three teenagers embark upon a game of UNO, followed by a little substance abuse in a paediatric ward.

The Craic

Writer: Michelle Sewell

Director: Duncan Joseph


At their father’s funeral in Ireland, a set of twin sisters reunite, uncovering the truth of their family’s past and question what their futures entail.


Writer: Mark Probert

Director: Kyle Davies

Charlotte - Angie Peña-Arenas

‘Treat adults like children and they'll behave like children.’

Advertising agency Bairstow-Minghella needs a new strap-line for Staybright but the account manager can't resist playing teacher with his female interns.

The Night Mayor

Writer: Amy Whittington

The Night Mayor - Owen Passmore

Kelly - Buffy Iannucci

The Night administration, under the command of the Night Mayor (one hell of a pun), watch over the sleeping inhabitants of the city providing balance to the forces of happiness, light and motivation. An ambitious assistant seeks to bring the Night Administration into the digital age.

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