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Animal House: Fundraising

As third semester begins, that means three things to a Minotaur Theatre Member: the Julians awards are heading closer and closer each day, the Freshers are prepping for the Committee Hustings and Edinburgh Fundraising season is in full-go mode. For a Production Manager, this strange period of time from now until the last show date (August 22nd) is go-go-go; and even then you need to make sure the cast and crew get home!

Already Animal House has been blessed with such a fantastic Cast and Crew. Accommodation is set as is the venue (theSpace on the Mile, Theatre One), now we need to pull together to make this happen, and we need money to do that. In February we had a Valentine’s bake sale where all the singletons of our Cast and Crew spent the day selling buns, biscuits, sweet and some very interesting cakes to the lovers and loners of UEA. As our first fundraiser, this really showed us how much work we had to do, but put a smile on everyone’s faces. Spending time bonding together, although so long ago and we felt so far away from our goal, we knew every penny mattered.

Next came March and we needed to up our game. Cake Sales are a great way to get to know your family for July and August, but we needed to promote as well. Next in the pipeline was a Poetry Slam, at the beautiful Birdcage (Twitter) in the Lanes, Norwich. Their team welcomed us back for a night of laughs, tears and drinking as they always do. We saw both unfamiliar and maybe a few too familiar faces from Minotaur that night, including our winner Lorna Heap, who was a former Minotaur Company Member herself. After a highly successful night, as a team we knew more involving nights were what was needed for Animal House.

With the Easter Break coming up we knew an event with a history was needed after the break, an event that was loved and cherished. A night to remember. It was at this moment we began to plan Minotaur Theatre: Whose Line is it Anyway? What better way to welcome anyone back? After UEA Comedy Society: Headlights were last year's winners, we had requests in the hundreds (more like in the tens) to join teams. With the superb First Year, Ruth Phillips, hosting, we have newcomers and a few old faces thrown in there.

The teams you can expect are as follows:

  • For the Second Years we have:The Mann of the Century, Alec Mann. Is it Superwoman? Oh wait, it’s Alice Haskell. He’ll hit your funny bone if it means a free drink it’s Tom Mason. And finally, no team is complete without a Piece of Preece. It’s Matt Preece!

  • For the 'Mixed Team' we have:I don’t know who the Greek God of Comedy is but if he has a name I’m sure it translates to… Mark Kazakos! Great Scott? Is that, Scott Younger? By Jove, I think it is! Next we have the giggling goddess herself Chloe Atkinson and the fantastic, fabulous and frankly wonderful Jenni Pettican.

  • And finally we have the reigning champions UEA Comedy Society: Headlights. This team includes:Buffy the Comedy Slayer, Buffy Iannucci. Fedor Tor, one of the greatest comedians of his UEA time. Then we have the wizard of laughter, warlock of giggling Merlin Seller, and last but not least in any way, the exquisite Paolo Albertella.

These four teams, along with our host, Miss. Phillips, and audience participation, this is set to be a huge event in our fundraising calendar. A night of Scenes from a Hat, Hoedowns and hilarity is promised. If you’re not convinced yet, there will also be cake and the bar down stairs will be open. If you can’t come along on the 17th of April to the Hive at 7pm, as of next week we will have a Wefund account set up, so please donate towards this cause! We appreciate every penny, and if you donate enough you might even be eligible for a prize! The link will follow in the next few days.

Events like this will be being held through out next semester in order to raising money for Animal House, Minotaur Theatre Company’s Edinburgh Fringe show 2015. Events such as 24 hour plays, face painting and many more. Come along and support us!

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