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Julians 2015

Time has flown by for Minotaur Theatre Company this year and we find ourselves once more having to decide which of our nine productions has shone out the most. Who will win Best Short? Which Production Team stood out? Our members voted and all is to play for at the Julians 2015, hosted by Open, Norwich.

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Without further ado, this years winners are:

Best Minotaur Production: Love and Money

Best Directorial Team: Martha Geelan (Love and Money)

Best Production Manager: Ruth Phillips (Mnemonic)

Best Stage Manager: Angie Peña Arenas (Mnemonic)

Best Production Team: The Head that Bears

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Ciara Morris (The Beauty Queen of Leenane) and Gemma Barnett (Love and Money)

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Pip Williams (The Head that Bears)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Ellie Woodruff-Byrant (The Beauty Queen of Leenane)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Dom Luck (The Beauty Queen of Leenane)

Best Ensemble: Cabaret 2015

Best Female Singer (Cabaret 2015): Amber Muldoon

Best Male Singer (Cabaret 2015): Ed Jones

Best Dancer (Cabaret 2015): Jack Sears

Best Song (Cabaret 2015): Take Me to Heaven - Sister Act

"Oh UEA is Wonderful": Swarm

Best Short in the Shorts Festival 2014: Broken by Joe Jones

Best Actor in a Short (Male): Tom Mason (All You Need is Love)

Best Actor in a Short (Female): Siân Maxwell (Grace)

Best Writing in a Short: Storm Jackson-Payne (Grace)

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