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Animal House: Week One

Hello everyone and welcome to the Animal House newsletter! We’ll be sending one of these out every week from now until the end of the Fringe. Here it’s the first week of rehearsals and we’re already on a roll.


Between character building, script read through’s and Billy’s constant sarcasm, we’re finally starting rehearsals. The team are back. We’d initially love to thank everyone who donated in some way to our show; be it through the WeFund site or at one of our many fundraisers. We’ve managed to hit our marathon target and the support from everyone has been overwhelming. We hope to do you proud. If you haven’t been contacted/replied to your reward then please email production manager Charlotte Rhodes and we’ll sort everything out. Again a huge thank you to everyone, we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Directors Sam and Billy hard at work.

Meanwhile, in the middle a blazing heatwave, our cast is working devoutly on character work. Cat is sharpening her claws and Eagle is preening his feathers. The plot has taken twists and turns and we’re working on character development out of our ears. Billy Gyngell and Sam King, our two directors are working with everyone as an ensemble and testing the waters with who they think they are. How does Sloth speak? How would Steph and Steven move? How big is the house they live in? Although not everything may seem relevant, characters are being formed in this manner. One of the funniest moments so far to work with is Wolf and her relationship with Steph and Cat; pouring in animal characteristics and reining them back.

Getting to grips with animal characteristics.

As our fantastic Stage Manager is away at the moment, talks of set and props have been put in the bat cave to rest for a minute and work on character are forming; and it's shaping into the jungletastic piece we wanted. We still have two fundrasing activities left: The Graduation Ball, where once again we will be continuing the tradition of fortune telling and an activities day in Norwich where we'll be testing out different improvisation scenes with the public. The date for this is still to be confirmed but if you're around Norwich for the next couple of weeks, why not check it out? You might even get the chance to have your face painted!

That's all for our update this week! Why not check out our rehearsal video for Week One?

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The Cast of Animal House.

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