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Rehearsing 'Breathing Corpses'

Minotaurs first show of the year, Breathing Corpses is just weeks away from its first performance:

When Amy finds a body in a hotel room, her path collides with self-storage manager Jim, and unsettled couple, Ben and Kate; all of whom have made shocking discoveries themselves. Minotaur Theatre Company returns this October with a play exploring the desperate search for happiness, as three tragic tales unfold simultaneously in Wade’s award-winning thriller.

With the show just around the corner, Production Manager Zoe has given us a sneak peek of what has been happening in rehearsals.

Just as term is about to start, the cast and crew of Breathing Corpses have just finished the second week of rehearsals.

Photographer Camille has taken some behind the scenes snaps.

For the production team , the last few weeks have been spent sourcing props , patching together costumes and trying to fit elements of the set together, whilst in the rehearsal room our cast started with initial character building exercises which have progressed into some really in depth and insightful portrayals within each scene.

Actor Ali Bourne (Jim) in rehearsals.

Rehearsals are usually split so our directors can focus on specific elements within each scene such as accent work , the breaking down of lines and even stage combat! Even only two weeks in the show is already shaping up to be something not worth missing and will be an ace way to kick off the minotaur season!

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