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The Fastest Clock in the Universe

So the Rehearsal Room slot is popular as ever, and this year, selling out every night so far is 'The Fastest Clock in the Universe' by Philip Ridley.

'In a strange room in East London the party preparations are under way. Everything has been planned to the last detail. Surely nothing can go wrong? After all, there's the specially made birthday cake, the specially written cards, the specially chosen guest of honour and a very, very sharp knife....'

Pip, Kyle and cast member Louis watch rehearsals from the sidelines

Directed by the ever lovely Pip Williams and assistant directed by Kyle Flynn-Davies the production seems to be going very well. Here's what Kyle had to say about his experience working on the show:

"I first read Phillip Ridley when I was seventeen and fell in love with his writing. I'd always dreamed that one day I'd get a chance to put on one of his plays and finally I was given this opportunity. It's been such a fantastic experience, not just because I'm able to honour my favourite playwright, but because of the people I've been able to share this experience with. Pip has been amazing to work with and we've had a great time putting it on together.

Working with Pip has been a delight - made even better with our incredible cast and talented production team. Everyone has worked so hard and it's lovely to see how much everyone clearly cares about this project. I'm really excited for everyone to see it now!"

Everyone seems to be enjoying the party...

And if all that isn't enough to wet your appetite, check out the trailer below!

With only 38 seats up for grabs each night and one night remaining, you'd be a fool to miss out! Tickets will be sold from 6.30pm, though I know that I'll be queued up long before to get my slice of the birthday cake.

If you are one of the lucky few who gets a chance to watch - why not write a review? Simply get in touch with myself via social networking or indeed this very website and you could be doing the writing next time. Hope you all enjoy the show!

Catherine McFall

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