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  • Sarah Fitzpatrick

Julians 2016

End of year celebrations have sprung upon us once more as Minotaur Theatre Company arrived at Dunston Hall on the 10th June for a night of fun and festivities, but most importantly to find out who the company had voted out of the 9 performances this year- best production, best actress, best actor and many more. I can now proudly announce that the winners at the Julians 2016 were as follows -

Best Minotaur Production - Gabriel

Best Production Team - Gabriel

Best Production Manager - Myah Morris-Drake (Gabriel)

Best Stage Manager - Stuart Thomson (Gabriel)

Best Ensemble - Half A Person

Best Actress in a Leading Role - Nina Cavaliero (Gabriel)

Best Actor in a Leading Role - Toby Skelton (Gabriel)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Matt Preece (Breathing Corpses)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Sophy Plumb (Breathing Corpses)

Best Actress in a Short - Lauren Milwain (Corr Blimey)

Best Writing in a Short - Pip Willliams (Apnea)

Best Female Singer (Cabaret 2016) - Gabrielle Onyett

Best Male Singer (Cabaret 2016) - James Murrell

Best Song (Cabaret 2016) - Turn It Off - The Book of Mormon

Best Dancer (Cabaret 2016) - Ella Green

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