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Written, Directed and Performed by members of Minotaur Theatre Company. Livewire hosts regular Radio Plays for your listening pleasure.


Written and Performed by UEA Students
2013-14  |  2014-15  | 2015-16
Semester Three


Poppy - Angie Peña Arenas

Steph - Nancy Netherwood 

James - Mark Kazakos

Holly - Ruth Phillips

Happy Ending - 22nd March

by BA Drama Jenni Pettican

The Creature - 3rd May

by BA Scriptwriting and Performance Jonathan Hendry

Directed by Alec Mann

FilcksLizzie Turner

PhotographerCalhan Mundy

Cartwright - Sean Harbottle

Bount - Rob Staniforth

Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring - 17th May

by UEA Chinese Drama Society

Flower Lizzie Turner

Yuan Adrian Moore

Tao Chad Porter


In a Minute, Mum - 31st May

by BA Drama Sam Day

BoredPanda - Jenni Pettican

Facebook - Erin Fitzsimmons

Youtube - Adrian Moore

Semester Two


Arc - 15th March

by BA English and Drama Pip Williams

Merek - Mark Kazakos

MackworkScott Younger

Hayley - 8th March

written by Kathryn Fox

Co-directed by Jonathan Hendry

Paul - David Hinds

Andy - Calhan Mundy

Choice Mountain - 1st March

by BA English and Drama Pip Williams

Bramley Lane - 8th February

by BA Drama Chad Porter

Man - Pip Williams

Woman - Erin Fitzsimons

One New Message - 1st February

by MA Scriptwriting Edward Dyer

Directed by Nancy Netherwood

CarolMolly Caskey

Reverend/RyanMark Kazakos
Billy/Jourdan - Adrian Moore


Phone - Hannah Whaley

Jonathan - Sean Harbottle

Jan/Erika - Rebecca Graham

Semester One


Christmas Wish - 24th December

by BA Scriptwriting and Performance Calhan Mundy

James - Calhan Mundy

Hermionie - Lizzie Turner

After Mum - 7th December

by Daisy Minto

Alan - Calhan Mundy

Mads - Katie Wood

Witch - Marie Morris

Andrew and Lewis Can't Spell Right - 30th November

by BA Scriptwriting and Performance Mark Kazakos

Andrew - Edward Dyer

Lewis - David Hinds

Gazra - Molly Caskey

Gazarath - Calhan Mundy

Fear - 30th November

by Tatum O'Leary

A Minute and a Half - 23rd November

by BA English and Drama Erin Fitzsimons

Carrie - Imogen Mackenzie

Frank - Edward Jones

Close by - 16th November

written by BA Scriptwriting and Performance Tess Castella

Directed by Ollie McFadden

Vincent - Pip Williams

Julia - Coralie Bastiaens

Sophia - Karen Lee

Daisy Grant

Mirror Image - 16th November

by BA Drama Chad Porter


AntonAlex de Ritis

Thus Spake the Seraph - 9th November

by BA Drama and English Pip Williams

Mr Musgrave - Mark Kazakos

Mr Stevenson - Pip Williams

Harry - David Hinds

Miss Gosberton - Catherine McFall

UEA Ghostbusters - 2nd November

written by Kathryn Fox

Co-directed by Jonathan Hendry

Straight Outta Convent - 12th October

by BA Drama and English Scott Younger



Charli Corrigan, Jenny Fennel, Emily Fedorowycz, Erin Fitzsimons and Mark Kazakos

Stained Glass - 19th October

by BA Drama and English Pip Williams


Starring Jenni Pettican

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